Rancher Kubernetes Environment (RKE2)

October 06, 2023 - Trinity Information Technology, LLC (Trinity IT) configures and delivers RKE2 implementations for NIWC Force Disposition Tracking (FDT) development efforts.

Rancher’s next-generation Kubernetes distribution is called Rancher Kubernetes Environment (RKE2).  This is an open-source system for deploying and scaling containerized applications, that is secured to comply with US Government requirements for the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Kubernetes Benchmarks.

Trinity Information Technology, LLC (Trinity IT) configures and delivers RKE2 implementations for the Naval Information Warfare Center's (NIWC) Force Disposition Tracking (FDT) development efforts. 

Our team implements RKE2 clusters as a platform for FDT development, test and production. Additionally, Trinity IT resources execute systems engineering services for Kessel Run project application teams running on the All Domain Common Platform's (ADCP) RKE2 clusters. Our team performs configuration, installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance services related to the EKW2 clusters. 

Benefit of using RKE2 clusters for government projects:

  • Security hardened,  
  • open source- so it’s free and avoids potential vendor lock in, and
  • containerized- scalable, easy to manage, and isolated faults. 

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For more information on Rancher Kubernetes Environment (RKE2), refer to https://docs.rke2.io/.


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