Trinity IT Maintains HUBZone Certification

September 18, 2023 - Trinity IT Maintains HUBZone Certification

In February 2023, Trinity IT, LLC (Trinity IT) was re-certified as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) Small Business. Annually, HUBZone Small Businesses must maintain the qualifications and requirements to be recertified. 

In July 2023, the Small Business Association (SBA) released an updated map of HUBZones across the United States. Among some of the newly qualified HUBZones are parts of Bensalem, PA and Northeast Philadelphia, PA. Additionally, some zones are expiring in July 2026, as these areas are no longer as economically distressed due to the success of the HUBZone program. Some expiring HUBZones include parts of Frankford, Wissinoming, and Tacony in Philadelphia, PA. The next HUBZone map update is anticipated in July 2028. 

As a small HUBZone company, our goal is to invest in our communities. From hiring local HUBZone employees to being headquartered in a HUBZone, our actions help stimulate underserved communities. 

Trinity IT’s Certification

Trinity IT has maintained its HUBZone certification since 2021. The company’s primary office is in Yardley, PA (a HUBZone during our initial certification and recertification in 2022) and over 35% of its employees reside in HUBZones throughout the country. 

Our long-term lease in Yardley, PA enables our office to be deemed a HUBZone for the remainder of the lease- even though the Yardley, PA area was redesignated as non-HUBZone in July 2023. 

Trinity IT employs several employees who have lived in HUBZones long enough to be deemed legacy HUBZone employees. This helps us meet our 35% HUBZone residency goal. 

The Trinity IT team is proud to continually qualify for this program and will work to maintain its certification in the upcoming years. 

About the HUBZone SBA program 

HUBZones are typically defined as areas under economic distress. The HUBZone program was created to encourage job creation and development to revitalize these communities. 

The Small Business Administration sets goals for the federal government to award a certain amount of federal contract dollars to HUBZone small businesses. The awarding helps to stimulate the economies in which these businesses and their employees are located. In order to meet their HUBZone set-aside goals, government agencies strive to set aside certain projects for only HUBZone certified businesses to bid on. When the HUBZone program is utilized, it gives such companies an advantage when bidding on a contract. 

The map represents the areas that are deemed Historically Underutilized Business Zones. They are designated as such based on census tract evaluations, military base closures, natural disasters, and Native American reservations. 

Who can be certified? 

According to“To qualify for the HUBZone program, your business must:

  • Be a small business according to SBA size standards
  • Be at least 51% owned and controlled by U.S. citizens, a Community Development Corporation, an agricultural cooperative, an Alaska Native corporation, a Native Hawaiian organization, or an Indian tribe
  • Have its principal office located in a HUBZone*
  • Have at least 35% of its employees living in a HUBZone*

You can find the full qualification criteria in Title 13 Part 126 Subpart B of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).”


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