Trinity IT named in Top 10 Public Sector Solution Providers by CIO Review

October 01, 2021 - Trinity Information Technology, LLC was named "most promising public sector solution provider for 2021" by CIO Review.

The increasing incidents of data breaches have made data security immensely challenging for enterprises today. It has become even more pronounced by the recent shift to remote work environments, which compromises sensitive company information to a great extent. As such, there is a growing need to protect proprietary data against unauthorized access while making other information available to employees if they require it. To achieve this tandem, it is crucial to combine remote/mobile device administration and data encryption. It also requires educating the remote staff to maintain a secure digital footprint. Effectively addressing this need is Trinity IT, a boutique IT consulting firm that uses Remote Device Management to accurately configure security settings on mobile and remote computers. It also provides cybersecurity training to all software developers and encourages certification.

“Our educational approach ensures our staff has a deep understanding of the current security practices to protect customer data. Our customers can count on us to safeguard their organizations’ sensitive information and applications at all times,” states Thomas J Buck, the CEO at Trinity IT."

Trinity IT has always focused on meeting vital security needs of clients, across the board, from the initial design and architecture of a system through the implementation to the deployment and monitoring. It employs encryption technologies to protect clients’ data while at rest or in transit over a network. The company also emphasizes data integrity by allowing only authorized personnel to make changes to the data. To make all of this possible, Trinity IT ensures the availability and reliability of the systems to prevent any downtime or loss of capital. The company provides software integration kits that help clients integrate with applications, such as the Oracle E-business suite, while eliminating dependencies on legacy components.

Trinity IT has extensive experience in integrating modernized software components with legacy Oracle-based infrastructure, so much so that some of its products leverage the open-source product Keycloak as an SSO solution. SSO significantly simplifies the login process for end-users via a single credential and reduces time spent resetting user passwords. “We understand our customer’s desire for flexibility in integrating with these products without the need to refactor entire codebases that may rely on Oracle components,” adds Buck. Trinity IT designs and delivers modern user authentication and single-sign-on services to extend SSO functionality to EBS dependent applications when used in conjunction with the EBS integration kit. Since 2007, the company has completed 42 projects for clients who require expert software architecture, design, and development for custom database applications and web applications. Trinity IT’s developers have been at the forefront in designing, implementing, and deploying Java and web-based applications while performing onsite and remote maintenance and monitoring at several locations for many back-end servers. In addition, they delivered patch management, data backups, hardware maintenance, and onsite and remote training for several custom DoD applications.

Trinity IT continually incentivizes the staff to earn certifications, including CompTIA Security+, CISSP, and other cybersecurity certifications. In effect, the foundation of Trinity IT is to offer complete protection of client’s data, ensuring it isn’t modified in an unauthorized fashion while ensuring minimal downtime. In one instance, the clients were subject to regulatory Information Assurance (IA) vulnerability scans on their software products. Their third-party IA solution hosting provider had become costly and subject to frequent outages. Trinity IT was able to install and configure the MicroFocus Fortify scanner into its development pipeline as a dedicated resource for the client, which offered them direct and constant access. Each of their software releases was then IA scanned, which improved their security posture and saved money in the long run.

Being a highly acclaimed IT firm, Trinity IT has several projects in the pipeline for growing the company organically. Buck is participating in the SBA’s Emerging Leaders 2021 program to develop a three-year growth plan. Trinity IT plans to become HUBZone certified by July 2022. In addition, Trinity IT has submitted a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) proposal to the GSA in April 2021. The company also completed the rigorous certification process and obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification in February 2021. This furthered refined, high-quality business practices throughout its software design and development, system administration, and training processes. Trinity IT’s marketing and business development efforts have resulted in several opportunities for both public sector and US government customers. “Our company strives to be sensitive to ever-changing customer requirements, whether they are expressed through a hard regulatory requirement or a feature desired by the end-user. We understand that both must be achieved, and accomplished in a secure and prompt manner,” concludes Buck.

About Trinity IT

‍Trinity Information Technology, LLC specializes in modernizing legacy software and databases in secure cloud environments for the Department of Defense (DoD). Our top priorities are software quality, reliability and maintainability.  Our team has 15 years of experience solving complex legacy software and database modernization for the Federal government. Trinity IT has an established history of delivering outstanding professional IT services. Trinity IT has developed a reputation for providing excellent value through helping our clients meet their requirements and missions. Trinity IT is passionate about hiring veterans and assisting their transition from military to civilian life while encouraging professional development.


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