Trinity IT Software Developer Interns Learn Containerization

July 25, 2022 - Trinity Information Technology, LLC (Trinity IT), a small business delivering federal IT solutions, has created a software development intern program for both college students and separating military members to learn the latest technology.

Trinity IT is training three software developer interns on Containerization technologies. The interns are working through a series of online training modules. They also receive instruction and mentoring from experienced software developers. Mr. Wes Vandergriff is a Software Developer at Trinity IT who has 4 years of direct experience working with Docker and containers for two DoD projects. Mr. Vandergriff introduced containerization and the Docker Desktop to the interns. He explained what containerization is, the components, industry use and several best practices. Mr. Vandergriff demonstrated how to retrieve; install; and run Docker Desktop (v.4.10.1) on MacOS (v.12.4), pull and build Docker images. He continued by starting an NGINX image (v.1.23) and displayed how to verify running containers.

Next, he focused on real-world examples of using containers and how this technology provides cross-platform availability. Mr. Vandergriff described an application built on CentOS (v.8), that cannot be run on MacOS, but can be run in a CentOS/Linux container hosted on MacOS. Running the application within a container allowed the application to execute on the host MacOS within the Docker container environment. This clearly demonstrated the cross-platform nature of containerized applications. Mr. Vandergriff completed troubleshooting an issue one intern had with a NodeJS image used in a training module practical exercise. The NodeJS image was created with a Docker version that was no longer compatible with the most recent Docker (v.20.10.17) that was being used. The NodeJS image worked with Docker (v16.16.x) with the application service published to the specified port. The hands-on mentoring session for Containerization greatly expanded the level of understanding for the Trinity IT interns.

About Trinity IT

‍Trinity Information Technology, LLC specializes in modernizing legacy software and databases in secure cloud environments for the Department of Defense (DoD). Our top priorities are software quality, reliability and maintainability.  Our team has 15 years of experience solving complex legacy software and database modernization for the Federal government. Trinity IT has an established history of delivering outstanding professional IT services. Trinity IT has developed a reputation for providing excellent value through helping our clients meet their requirements and missions. Trinity IT is passionate about hiring veterans and assisting their transition from military to civilian life while encouraging professional development.


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